Valuable Videos

Autism GF/CF Video

 Dr. Mercola talks about Digestive and Natural Enzymes
Dr. Mercola Balance your Health with Complete Probiotics
Importance of Vitamin D3
Foods That Trigger Gluten: Cross Reactive Foods
Alton Brown Talks about Gluten
GF CF Diet helps boy with Autism –

Cross Reactive Foods –

Dr. Vikki Petersen-Is Gluten destroying your brain? –

Brenda Watson Impaired Digestion –

Brenda Watson Digestive Issues-Leaky Gut –

Brenda Watson Optimum Digestive Care –


What is Autoimmune Disease Part One –

Autoimmune Disease Project What’s Wrong with Me – Part 2 –

Autoimmune Disease Project Juggling Work, Finances, and Chronic Illness – Part 3 –

Autoimmune Disease Project Part 4 – Coping Strategies –

Dr. Krupka — Talks about MS and Vitamin D –

Dr. Joe Prendergast — Speaks on Vitamin D –

Abbot Labs- Understanding Vitamin D –

Second Opinion – Diagnosing Diabetes –

Second Opinion – Inflammation

Second Opinion – Hypothyroidism –

Second Opinion with Alice Blast – Celiac Disease –

Second Opinion –MS-

Second Opinion – Vitamin D –

Second Opinion – Psoriasis –

Second Opinion – Sugar –

Video series on GMOs

Dr. Vikki Petersen Video – Why Gluten-Free Diet Isn’t Dangerous

Immunology and the Gut –


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