-”Recognizing Celiac Disease: Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders & Complications” by: Cleo J. Libonati, John M. Libonati II and David M. Capuzzi

-”Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic” by Peter H. R. Green and Rory Jones

-”Breaking the Vicious Cycle – Intestinal Health Through Diet”, by Elaine Gottschall B.A., M.Sc.

-”Tell Me What To Eat  (If I Have Celiac Disease)” , by Kimberly A. Tessmer, RD, LD

-”The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” by Jules E. Dowler Shephard

-”Celiac Disease for Dummies” by Ian Blumer MD and Shelia Crowe

-”Gluten Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide”

-”Gluten-Free Girl” by Shauna James

-”The Gluten Effect” by Dr. Vikki Petersen and Dr. Richard Petersen

-”Wheat Free Worry Free” by Danna Korn

-”The Gluten Glitch” by Stasie John and Kevin Cannon

-”Cereal Killers: Celiac Disease and Gluten Free A to Z” by Dr. Ron Hoggan and Scott Adams

Health Books:

“It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways” by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

“Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health” by James Braly M.D., Ron Hoggan M/A. and Jonathan Wright

“The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain, Ph.D.

“The Fat Resistance Diet” by Leo Galland, M.D.

“Protein Power”, by Michael Eades, M.D., and Mary D. Eades, M.D.

“Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes

“Why We Get Fat (and what to do about it) by Gary Taubes

“Healthier Without Wheat” by Stephen Wangen

“The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross

“The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet” by Robb Wolf

“The Inflammation Syndrome” by Jack Challem

“Probiotics: Nature’s Internal Healers” by Natasha Trenev

“Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A to Z Reference to Drug Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, & Food Supplements” by Phyllis A. Balch

“Syndrome X” by Jack Challem

“The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson

Shopping Guide:

Triumph Shopping Guide

“Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide”  by Cecelia’s Marketplace by Dr. Mara and Dainis Matison


“Make it Paleo” by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason

“Practical Paleo” by  Diane Sanfilippo

“Everyday Paleo” by Sarah Fargoso

“Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook”  by Sarah Faragoso

“Paleo Comfort Foods” by Julie Sullivan Mayfield and Charles Mayfield

“Eat Like A Dinosaur” by Paleo Parents

“Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free” by Jules Shephard

“Free for All”  by Jules Shepard

“Spunky Coconut”  by Kelly V. Brozyna

“Against the Grain” by Kelly V. Brozyna

“The Spunky Coconut Dairy Free Ice Cream” by Kelly V. Brozyna

“Real Food Diet”  by Dr. Josh Axe

“Gluten Free on a Shoestring: 125 Recipes for Eating Well on the Cheap” by Nicole Hunn

“Healing Foods: Cooking for Celiacs, Colitis, Chron’s and IBS” by Elephant Publishing

“The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar Free Baking: 80 Low Carb Recipes that Offer Solutions for Celiac Disease, Diabetes, and Weight Loss” Peter Reinhart and Denene Wallace

“Gluten Free Girl and the Chef” by Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern

“Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cooking” by Betty Crocker Editors and Silviana Nardone

“The Healthy Gluten-Free Life:  200 Delicious Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and Egg Free Recipes” by Tammy Credicott

“Gluten Free on a Shoestring, Quick and Easy: 100 Recipes for the Food You Love–Fast!” by: Nicole Hunn

“The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook”- by Elana Amsterdam

“The Gluten-Free Table:  The Lagasse Girls Share Their Favorite Meals” by Jilly Lagasse, Jessie Lagasse Swanson, and Emeril Lagasse

“The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen” by Laura B. Russell

“Cooking for Isiah” by Silvana Nardone

“Well Fed” by Melissa Joulwan

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